Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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2018-2019 CTA Renewal Ratified by Membership
2018-2019 CTA Renewal Ratified by Membership

The Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT) membership failed to ratify negotiated changes to a three-year Canadian Theatre Agreement (CTA). As an interim resolution to this situation, PACT and Equity have since negotiated a one-year rollover of the current CTA with a financial increase which has now been ratified by the eligible Equity membership.

The specifics of the one-year rollover negotiated between Equity and PACT are as follows:

  • All minimum fees and other monetary amounts to increase by 2.75%, including Company Category thresholds.
  • Performer engagements at Level 2 in categories G to E will all increase to $630 from $472.50 (G), $519.50 (F) and $574 (E).
  • Stage managers will receive the 2.75% across-the-board increase and in no case shall be paid less than the prevailing minimum wage for the province in which the production takes place.
  • Equity and PACT commit to resolving outstanding issues around Employment Standards Act (ESA) calculation of overtime for stage managers, no later than December 31, 2018.
  • Late in the fall of this year, preparatory meetings will take place with negotiations to begin again in early 2019.

The CTA ratification commenced Tuesday June 5, 2018 and concluded Thursday June 21, 2018. Members voted 96.4% in support of the proposed 2018-2019 CTA. The voting return rate was 21.8%. There were 4,044 eligible voters and 882 Equity members cast a ballot.

Note from Executive Director Arden R. Ryshpan:
We have posted what would have been Equity's ratification package to its members (Members Only) had PACT not rejected the 2018-2021 negotiated changes. The document includes the identical proposed clause changes that were presented to PACT members at their AGM last month. However, each organization prepares their own interpretive information/context for their own membership.
Neither PACT nor Equity members vote on each clause individually, so it is difficult to determine which of the proposals did not meet with the approval of the PACT membership.
We have provided this document to you as information only. It is important to remember that none of these changes are in effect.
While Equity members may find favour with some of these proposals, there is no guarantee that Equity will be able to achieve any or all of them when bargaining starts again in early 2019.

Note: PACT holds its CTA ratification vote at a single in-person meeting. In contrast, Equity's ratification process is much more complex, involving the creation of a detailed ratification package of explanatory notes and minimum fee calculations. We must also engage a third party voting provider to conduct electronic voting for 4000+ members across Canada and the US. Originally, our materials were to be ready for May 18. This plan was put on hold until Equity and PACT negotiated this settlement, which was agreed upon mid-afternoon Wednesday, May 30, 2018.

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