Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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2018-2021 Council Elections

The 2018-2021 election nomination period has now closed and a complete record of nominated candidates is listed below. Congratulations to all the candidates!

All-candidate meetings
All-candidate meetings will take place in September and October. More information and meeting dates to follow on www.caea.com.

Candidate Statements
Available candidate statements (written and/or video) are now available on EQUITY'S NEW WEBSITE ONLY and will continue to be published as they are received.

Voting period and instructions
Voter instruction kits will be mailed to Regular, Regular - Extended Visa, and Life members of Equity in good standing in those regions where the slate of candidates is sufficient to require elections on October 1, 2018. Voting by telephone and Internet will open on October 9 and continue until 5:00 p.m. (PT) on October 31. If you haven’t received your voting kit by October 15, please contact the National Office or email elections@caea.com. Election results will be announced on e-drive, social media and on www.caea.com on the evening of October 31, 2018.

Final list of candidates slated to run in the 2018-2021 Council Elections

Atlantic - (1 Councillor - Acclaimed)
Karen Bassett

Quebec (Region will elect 1 Councillor)
Deena Aziz
Tyrone Benskin
Howard Rosenstein

E. Ontario & Outaouais (1 Councillor - Acclaimed)
Catriona Leger

Ontario (Region will elect 7 Councillors)
Maev Beaty
Jessie Cox
Alessandro Costantini
Ryan G. Hinds
Taborah Johnson
Richard Lam
Nora McLellan
Dale Miller
Kristina Nicoll
Jamie Robinson
Amy Sellors
Allan Teichman
Tahirih Vejdani
Michaela Washburn
Jennifer Wigmore
Zeph Williams
Sandy Winsby

Manitoba & Nunavut (Region will elect 1 Councillor)
Donna Fletcher
Aaron Hutton

Saskatchewan (Region will elect 1 Councillor)
Joshua Beaudry
Pamela Haig Bartley

Alberta South (Region will elect 1 Councillor)
Valerie Planche
Paul Welch

Alberta North & Northwest Territories (Region will elect 1 Councillor)
Elizabeth Allison
Ian Leung

British Columbia & Yukon (Region will elect 3 Councillors)
Scott Bellis
Nyla Carpentier
Kerry Davidson
Nick Fontaine
Chirag Naik
Michael Shamata
Raugi Yu

Dance (Region will elect 1 Councillor)
Sharon DiGenova
Jon Reid
Bill Robertson
Jenna Savella

Western Opera (Region will elect 1 Councillor)
Donna Sharpe
Diane Speirs

Eastern Opera (Region will elect 2 Councillors)
Van Abrahams
Johnathon Kirby
Peter McGillivray
Constantine Meglis

Stage Management (Region will elect 2 Councillors)
Marijka Asbeek Brusse
Natasha Bean-Smith
Erika Morey
Melissa Novecosky
John Raymond
Catherine Rouleau
Meghan Speakman
Victoria Wang

To ensure continuity, the current Council will stay in place until the new Council takes office on November 25.


PROMOTING INCLUSIVITY: Equity is dedicated to the election of a Council, representative of the rich diversity of our membership, inclusive of all demographics.
Council particularly encourages traditionally underrepresented communities of Indigenous peoples (First Nations, Inuit, Métis), Persons of colour, and D/deaf and/or persons with a disability(ies), to seek nomination for election.
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