Thursday, August 16, 2018
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The following individuals have RRSP money on hold with Equity because the trust company could not deposit it to an active account. If your name is on the list, or you know someone on this list, please contact Equity's National Office immediately to open an RRSP account.

In accordance with Bylaw 107(h), failure to open an RRSP account will result in the assignment of these funds to The AFC ( U.S. Equity members must have a Canadian social insurance number to open an RRSP account in Canada.

Anyone on this list is encouraged to contact Equity immediately to avoid losing unallocated RRSP funds. To open an account contact the Membership Administrator or phone 1-800-387-1856 (416-867-9165 in Toronto).

Members with funds on hold as of August 1, 2018

Aimée Ambroziak
Leon Aureus
Mike Bell
Montgomery Bjornson
Conrad Boyce
Stephen Brathwaite
Bracken Burns
Joanna Burt
Steven Campbell
Ben Caplan
Aura Carcueva
John Catucci
Julian Cervello
Tristan Chalcraft
Gregory Charles
Dillan Chiblow
Michael Coady
Kim Coates
Christina E. Collins
Jason Cook
Lucia Corak
Melanie Crawford
Michelle Creber
Alison Crosby
Anselmo DeSousa
James Dunn
Megan Dunn
Itai Erdal
Amariah Faulkner
Katie Findlay
Henry Firmston
Wesley French
Julio Fuentes
Linda Garneau
Jacob Gorzhaltsan
William Grossman
Jordin Hall
Jillian Hannah
Maika Harper
Yukichi Hattori
Craig Henry

Victoria Houser
Andrew Iles
Johnny Issaluk
Mirian Katrib
Peter Keleghan
Tracy Koga
Taran Kootenhayoo
Daniel Kosub
Celia Koughan
Melissa Kramer
Djennie Laguerre
Luke Letourneau
Hannah Levinson
Jesse Lipscombe
Ken MacKenzie
Rebecca Kate Madden
Harout Markarian
Simone McIntosh
Bria McLaughlin
Jory McLean
Kenn McLeod
Joel Montgrand
David Michael Moote
Wajdi Mouawad
Ben Muir
John Murrell
Lisa Nasson
Oliver Neudorf
Riley O'Donnell
Gunargie O'Sullivan
Andrew Pacheco
Champion Panther
Spenser Payne
Jayne Peters
Julian Peters
Pamela Pittman
Elizabeth Polese
Mitchell Poundmaker
Jack Quail
Isabel Quintero Faia

Michelle Rambharose
Francesca Ranalli
Sharjil Rasool
Donny Ready
Athena Reich
Jim Roe
Claire Ross Dunn
Mary Elizabeth Rubens
Rachel Rudd
Anthony Santiago
Paul Schwarz
Giacomo Sellar
Jessica Sherman
Nathan Simmons
Garret C. Smith
James Smith
Lis Soderberg
Greg Solomon
Bernard Starlight
Evan Stewart
Gabriella Sundar Singh
Dione Taylor
Michael Taylor
Sarah Templeton
Asitha Tennekoon
Emma Thorpe
Erin Valentine
Jan Van der Hooft
Apolonia Velasquez
Robin Warwick
Dan Weber
Amelia Welcher
Aaron M. Wells
Jillian Welsh
Devin Wesnoski
Lew Wetherell
Garry Williams
Mitch Wood
Isaac Wright
James Yi
Noreen Young

** Indicates the legal name of a new Equity member who has not yet chosen a stage name.
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