Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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The following individuals have RRSP money on hold with Equity because the trust company could not deposit it to an active account. If your name is on the list, or you know someone on this list, please contact Equity's National Office immediately to open an RRSP account.

In accordance with Bylaw 107(h), failure to open an RRSP account will result in the assignment of these funds to The AFC (afchelps.ca). U.S. Equity members must have a Canadian social insurance number to open an RRSP account in Canada.

Anyone on this list is encouraged to contact Equity immediately to avoid losing unallocated RRSP funds. To open an account contact the Membership Administrator or phone 1-800-387-1856 (416-867-9165 in Toronto).

Members with funds on hold as of May 1, 2017

George Absi
Geoffrey Armour
Alexandra Beaton
Scott Beaudin
Lili Beaudoin
Mike Bell
Jimmy Blais
Joanna Burt
Miali Buscemi
Mariah Campos
Tracy Cantin
Jonah Carson
Julian Casey
Cassius Crieghtney
Katherine Dermott
Christef Desir
Caleb Di Pomponio
Shomari Downer
Nikki Duval
Lauren Eberwein
Neville Edwards
Hilary Farr
Chris George
Nina Gilmour
Gabriel Gosselin
Tyce Green
William Greenblatt
Kennedy Greene
Alexandria Haber
Eric Hall
Jeff Hanson
Maika Harper
Kimberly Harvey
Tristan Hernandez
Thom Jaskula
Kristin Johnston
Cathy Jones
Peter Keleghan
Jonathan Kim
Djennie LaGuerre
Kristin Langille
Kevin Law
Dustin Luck
Julie Lumsden
Isaac Lupien

Christine MacInnis
Brian Markinson
Ellen McAteer
Riley McCoy
Gordon McLaren
Ellie Moon
Elaina Moreau
Michelle Morgan
Mercedes Morris
Dan Mousseau
John Murrell
Lisa Nasson
Laura Osnes
Mitchell Poundmaker
Jessica Preece
Joshua Ramsden
Donny Ready
Jesse Reid
Paulo Ribeiro
Michael Riley
Michelle Rios
Rev. Margaret Roberts
David Russell
Jacob Sampson
Adam Sanders
Estelle Shook
AJ Simmons
Sarah Slean
James Smith
John Stefaniuk
Bernard Starlight
Kolton Stewart
Mahalia Golnosh Tahririha
Myles A. Taylor
Donald Thom
Christian Van Horn
Melissa Veal
Angela Vint
Joshua Wales
Samantha Walkes
Dan Weber
Amelia Welcher
Jennifer Whalen
Murleta Williams
Jim Yi

** Indicates the legal name of a new Equity member who has not yet chosen a stage name.
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